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Let’s start with a brief introduction to the topic. The idea of interactive storytelling is older than the internet and probably the idea may have existed even before the invention of computers. Regarding telling interactive stories on the computer the Project Xanadu claims to be the first one having. Later a couple of services followed and even a literary genre arose called Hypertext Fiction. Not just interactive stories are subject to this genre but collaborative writing as well aiming to have a common end or various endings. One may philosophize if linking leads to storytelling as well and if not stories one gets at least contexts of content. Today there are even tools available to make videos interactive and one may think about how video will look like in a couple of years. Video gaming is closely related with videos being part of the content now.

So here is the tool. It is called Twine. a free application based on open source software. The latest version is an online tool working within the browser and without the need of an installation. Working with Twine is simple and does not require any programming skills. But if you are able to create modern websites using css, you will be able to change the appearance of the pages containing a created story. Published stories are listed at a special directory named IFDB, „The Interactive Fiction Database“. There one finds a lot of interactive stories to read.

Starting with Twine is easy and intuitive. A brief guide is provided and contextual help is available during the writing process. Furthermore there is a forum and a wiki for advanced questions. If you like to write or read, try Twine.

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