Digg launches Internet TV Surface

Digg, one of the first and formerly most successful news sharing sites, has already made some changes of its homepage. The changes include a new design and the enrichment with Internet video. Now Digg is expanding the subject of video once again by introducing a new tv like surface.

The new surface is named Digg TV, which reflects the ambitions to make internet video better accessible at other screens. In this „Couch Mode“ the video appears in full screen mode and the content is accessible by just a few clicks. If one chooses a topics, the videos are played automaticly by playlists.

The content is an editorial selection of the best videos on various topics and genres. By two zapping buttons one may skip to the next or former video again. A broad choice of content is available by a menu button called „Explore“. By choosing „Exit“ the user comes back to the Digg homepage.

In its blog post about the launch Digg is pronouncing, that Digg TV is still in its beta phase (despite of a broad choice of content). There are further features planned like operation via smartphone, the integration of further content than the currently fetched videos from Vimeo and YouTube and personalization of content by being able to add videos by yourself. Here is the official blog post about the launch and here the main page of Digg TV.

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