Robot simulates real Faces

Do you know The Terminator movie series from the 80’s with a robot coming out of the future, which is able to take the shape of other persons? This now becomes reality by a robot called SociBot.

The robot designed by Engineered Arts is mirroring the face of its owner. Furthermore the robot is equipped with artificial intelligence, which enables it to follow conversations. The latter is one of the intention as opposed to be a bad robot out of the future the SociBot is intended to be a replacement e.g. in the case of video conferencing. Here is an article with further information: SociBot mirrors Faces for uncanny Teleconferences.

Despite of the promise of being good it is always nice to know to whom one speaks. But artificial intelligence in on the rise and it becomes more difficult to distinguish a talking bot and a real person. This at least happens in a test, where people have to distinguish between a poem being written by a real person or a bot (about this project):

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