Newsfeed Tool with Filter

SpecificFeeds is a new newsfeed service enabled to filter the news to get just the most relevant ones. It is a directory as well offering the option to list rss feeds to get more readers.

The filter is the main function of the service, but there are even more facilities. The filter various functions. One enables to filter by keywords and another one to filter by authors, which is most convenient in the case of subscriptions to larger publications. Further features are reminders and alerts pointing to particular events. Whereas reminders are dedicated to common events like holidays the alerts are different. Behind the alert function is an automated search scanning the web for information. Weather alerts are a more specific example.

To bloggers SpecificFeeds is providing a subscription button, which could be tailored as well. To get further information about this promising newsfeed tool visit the homepage, where a tour is provided to learn more: SpecificFeeds.

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