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3d print for sure is one of the next big things or has it become already. Just think about going to a shop near you and get the stuff you ordered immediately or do it yourself with an own 3d printer. There are these particular marketplace like the reported Trinckle and big internet companies like Ebay are already involved as well.

Here comes another marketplace called cgtrader. This one is a bit different by stating to offer a choice of fine designs. Nevertheless the platform is open to designers.

How big the business will become may be supposed by the activities of Microsoft. The company already offers various 3d tools, e.g. by the scanning feature of the Kinect Sensor and the 3d print support integrated in Windows 8.1. Now Microsoft will release a software to create printable 3d objects called „3D Builder“.

And to those who like open source software, here a pointer to the free 3d animation and graphic software Blender. It is a comprehensive and comfortable software for modeling, which has an extension to create 3d printable objects as well, which is described at features.

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