Google presents HTML5 Webdesign Tool

Google is providing a HTML5 web design software called Google Web Designer, which is free to download. This software is suitable to various tasks, the creation of websites as well as to create rich media content like 3d objects or animations. The software is emphasizing the great advantages of HTML5 with its opportunities to create rich objects right within the scripting language, which is basic to most websites.

If you are not aware, here are some advantages: Sites and objects made with HTML5 are processed directly by browsers without the need to other software being installed, which is worth even to audio and video content. Furthermore such sites and objects are viewable at any devices feasible to display HTML5, which today are computers, smartphones and even smart tv devices. By this only one version of any content is necessary.

By providing this software Google again is pushing the development and acceptance of HTML5 and the development of the surface of the internet like it already happened by launching the Google Chrome browser, which by the way is HTML5 compatible. This indeed is of common interest, but in some way probably in Google’s own interest as well. The latter is to suppose as the software is most suitable to be used to create rich media advertising media. To get further information about this software visit the homepage of the Google Web Designer.

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