Now you can stream Live on YouTube

YouTube is starting to give all users the oportunity to stream live on its video platform. Since a while already there is YouTube Live, which is filled with content of selected video producers. Slowly this live feature becomes available to more YouTube users by the integration of YouTube and Google+. The current state is that everyone who has a Google+ account and a YouTube account now can connect these services and by doing so go live on YouTube.

In particular the YouTube live streaming feature is connected to hangouts, which is part of every Google+ account. The basic function of hangouts is to have video chats with others. To this basic function there is an enhancement called Hangouts on Air. With Hangouts on Air you may stream live on Google+ not just by video chat but to the public and by integrating it with YouTube you are able to put your live stream into your YouTube channel.

All this is done with just a couple of clicks and the installation of a software enabling to stream live. The only precondition to use the service is to verify your account. To learn more visit Hangouts on Air.

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