Personalized Video News and Smart TV

There are already a lot of services available to get personalized news including the optimization of the experience by intelligent self learning means like agents and bots. Now Frequency has started such a service to give this experience to video consumption. Furthermore the service is available not just on the internet but even on smart tv.

Frequency is a kind of video app enabling to subscribe to diverse online resources like news sites but as well to social media channels aka accounts. The app is gathering the videos from these sources and makes the videos available within the own app, which is equipped with a video player to watch. The delivery of the videos happens in realtime and the experience becomes optimized by the intelligent part of the app.

In addition to the features already mentioned the various ways to access the service are innovative. The obligatory ways are the web and the mobile internet with an app to the latter being available only for Apple gadgets currently. The innovative part is starting with Facebook and Twitter being means to access personalized content within personal channels. Furthermore and in a way of the state of the art there are apps available to Samsung smart tv and blu-ray players making the service a kind of an alternate and personalized tv channel. To learn more visit Frequency.

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