How to embed your Facebook Album into your Website

Embedding your Facebook album images into your website is most easy with a new widget provided by, a developer specialized in social apps. Its latest widget enables to put the images uploaded to your Facebook account onto your website. You find the widget at Embed Social, an app platform is running.

All you need is the link to a Facebook album. After entering the link into a form you get the embed code. Both the embed code and an additional code to be integrated into the head section of a website have to be integrated into a webpage. After doing these two steps you got your Facebook album images on your website. The exact link to the Facebook album app you find here.

A similar app to put Instagram photos onto your Facebook profile is provided at the website. The app called Facebook Instagram Tab is free as well.

Last but not least and if you are a developer or just have some interesting ideas or do desire a app to do something, you are invited to share your ideas at the Embed Social homepage.

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