Photo Sharing with Imgur

What does the photo sharing site Imgur better than Flickr? It must be something as according to many voices on the net Imgur passed Flickr regarding the reach.

Imgur is a rather simple site and it is describing itself by being „The simple Image Sharer“. If you visit the homepage, you even does not find a hint about an app, which is available nevertheless. What is obvious are a lot of sharing features and in addition a rating function with top and down. The same is available to the eagerly used comment feature, which may arise the ambitions of the users.

The comments already become noticed at the homepage, where these are assorted by popularity. To navigate the site a search function, popularity and a random feature are available. Compared to Flickr rather focussing on photography as art Imgur shows snap shots. This approach is used by the photo sharing app Instagram as well, which probably is the largest photo sharing facility now.

An extraordinary option to share photos at Imgur beside uploads is to refer and share photos by linking in a similar way it happens at the popular social shopping site Pinterest. How do you think about Imgur?

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