Meta Search Engine for 3D Print Models

The 3d print market is booming and growing quickly. Now by yeggi a meta search engine has been launched, which searches through the various portals offering 3d printing models.

The service is both interesting itself and functional. Furthermore it is inspiring by providing insights into the market by stats of the most requested keywords (an infographic with keywords is provided by this german spoken article). This leads to various conclusions. At first and as it happens in general and lately to the app market search engine optimization will become an issue to this new and prospering market. Secondly now there is an overview available of the most requested items giving information to designers to meet the expectations of the market.

In brief the most requested items are fantasy products, objects out of virtual reality and online gaming worlds. At second already follows the term smartphone, which again becomes interesting by being connected to particular brands being requested as well. To get further information you may translate the article and visit the homepage of yeggi.

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