Ebay enters into the 3D Print Business

This launch of a 3d print service by Ebay could not have been more suitable to the former article about 3d printing mentioning that 3D Printing is becoming hot. Now Ebay is entering into the 3d print business taking the topic and mass customization to another level.

Mass customization, meaning manufacturing personalized goods, has to be mentioned as opposed to other 3d print approaches offering the ability to print what you like the Ebay service is working with products able to be customized. The manufacturing then happens by 3d print, which is just in the sense of the predicted business models mentioned in the former article about 3d print.

To create personalized goods Ebay is providing an app to be downloaded by the homepage of its 3d printing service. To look for further informationn or to download the app visit Ebay Exact.

Last but not least a hint to those interested in financials. Stocks of 3d print companies are on a steadily increasing for some time already.

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