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Google Glass, the computer enabled and internet connected lenses, will come to the market at the end of 2013 or at the beginning at 2014 depending on the sources. The gadget has already a lot of coverage and the potential to become a hit like android phones. To stay informed about the proceedings two websites are available, one dedicated to all and one to the press. Lately some videos have been added showcasing the features either by explanations or real experiences by people invited to try some prototypes. Other videos already have the appearance of operating instructions. Here is the common Google Glass Homepage and here the homepage dedicated to professionals.

The character of the technology of the Google Glass project is defined by augmented reality, an approach already invented around 1960. An example is the usage in complex engineering works and being able to watch plans on wearable monitors. Really new is the connection to the internet and being able to communicate in the popular way of social networking including foto and video, which of course is practical to eyewear. This consideration is described in the article Augmented Reality: Seven Year Countdown, Beginning with Google Glass…, which for the future expects one billion users in 2020.

The topic has become hot to advertisers and marketers thinking about new strategies. There are already campaigns using augmented reality (How augmented-reality ads could change everything) and augmented reality has become a topic to search engine marketing in particular as well (Augmented Reality & SEO: Search in an Annotated World). To come back to Google Glass marketing has become an issue as well. To get an impression have a look at the search results to the phrase Google Glass SEO.

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