Mobile Video Apps to create Videos of various Angles

Creating a video consisting of various angels is not a simple task. One may either act with various cams or has to play a scene several times with the latter being possible to making films only. At least the various angles have to be synchronized. The whole process is done automaticly by the mobile apps switchcam and vyclone.

Both apps have a most similar approach, but do deliver different results. To start of course smartphones are required to install the apps and to create a video consisting of various angles a group of participants. The group now records the video and the biggest part of the rest of the work is done by the apps.

After transmitting the data to the service in the case of Switchcam the result is nearly ready. The service provides a player, which includes all the recorded videos and which enables a viewer to choose a perferred angle to watch the scene. This is different at vyclone. At vyclone the participating filmers are able to edit the result to create one video consisting of the various videos of different angles. To ease this process the particular videos are automaticly synchronized. Last but not least it is possible to all participants to create an own version using the different scenes. To get further information visit switchcam and vyclone.

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