Photo Messaging with 3D Video Avatar

Zoobe is an innovative mobile messaging service, which places animated 3d video avatars within a real photo environment. The messages may be sent by email and short messaging as well as by being placed on Facebook and YouTube directly.

Environments may be photos or images being enriched by the video application. On the creative part the avatar may be placed within the environment. Now and to add a message to the video a voice message is recorded, which additionally may become enriched by effects and all parts are connected by synchronization.

Last but not least a hint. Beside some funny animals rather suitable to the demand of kids at the homepage there are further characters available like Eve. The app is available at Google Play and the Apple App Store: Zoobe.

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  1. This is yet another awesome advancement in technology. Innovations like this one are what makes it possible for us to communicate better and enjoy our gadgets more. I’ll definitely try that app.

    – liam, download literature

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