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I am not sure, if this is good or old news, but Digg has a broad coverage these days and does eagerly point to its new features by sending out news. So I was curious and after visiting just the homepage formerly I logged in to check it out. Probably you know the story, Digg has been a most popular news sharing service at the beginning of the social media boom and struggles in a similar way like MySpace did, the formerly most popular social media service at all.

Today the homepage of Digg is completly redesigned and changed from mostly text based to images showcasing the most popular stories in a way the rising Pinterest does. So I logged in to digg deeper into the changes. What I found is a clear design but with just simple features. There are the top and most popular stories and the upcoming stories showcasing the latest submissions of articles, a remaining relict. After this I tried the search engine, but found only most simple and no advanced search functions. This made me wondering and I surfed around finding a tagging system beside the particular stories and as well available after searching, which works fine and enables to subscribe to a particular topic by rss or email. Last but not least I looked at the bottom to find more features and found a link to submit stories, a feature what a news sharing service is all about. The process is very easy and instead of a former check, if a story is already submitted, it just accepted the submission by one click, which makes submissions most easy opposed to the former process.

But could this be enough? No functions to share with others, to find or follow friends have been found. The coverage elsewhere is controversial by stating New Digg owners claim the “Digg effect is back”, user base doubled in 5 months or Digg pokes up its head and says, ‘I’m not dead yet (showing a controversial statistic). But have a look by yourself: Digg.

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