Search Engine with Tablet Features

Always of interest are the launches of new search engines like the just started izik. Interesting because of the omnipresence of the big search engines and the need to new search engines to differ and to be innovative. For some time this has been social media and real time results, which urged the big players to integrate such functions. Now izik is coming up with special navigation features suitable to the use of tablet computers.

This new search engine makes a good impression at all and on the web as well by combining innovative features already observed at some former search engine innovations. In particular this is the assortment in clusters and by interest generally provided by semantic search engines. Furthermore the assortment reminds of the rising social media star Pinterest with its large tabs easing the navigation on touch screens. Opposed to this izik provides only a few results to choose from, but which may become broadened by a finer definition of search terms and phrases. And this does work well as some trials indicated a broad and large search engine index. A real peculiarity is a navigation features only usable on tablets, the navigation through results by swiping. Below is a video introducing the tablet features of izik.

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