Video Comments and Discussions

If you like video discussions these new services may be for you. It is one service offering a feature to add comments to videos and one service enabling real video debates and discussions.

hapyak is the video comment service, which is using an overlay technology to add comments to a video. This may happen to own videos and videos of others, which may evolve into a discussion as well or which may be used to work together on the creation of videos by discussing improvements. Furthermore the service makes it feasible to express the own knowledge about a particular issue by adding relevant information about details within a video or about the background at all. Last but not least haypak is a community with social networking features. For more visit hapyak.

Focussing on discussions in particular is what deeyoon does. It is a real video discussion network enabling people to debate about particular issues. As you might know there already exist and existed other video communities enabling video discussions, which either are or have not been not very successful. This is different at deeyoon, where video discussions reach above 10000 views and easily about 1000 views. So there must be something deeyoon does well or which might be reasoned in the growing acceptance of online video. What is really great at deeyoon is the assortment within rooms making it easy to find something of own interest. To get involved or view the statements of others visit deeyoon.

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