Easily create Ebooks and distribute them

ebookmakr just launched to ease the creation and distribution of ebooks. It is a full service provider to create and distribute ebooks online at a broad array of ebook portals and shops as well as just to create and download the created ebook on the computer to distribute or use it by yourselves.

To create the ebooks the service provides various means, an online editor to type or copy in the content and an import function to import stuff from blogger or wordpress blogs. After doing so one may download the created ebook or use further provided features to distribute and to sell ebooks online. The output fits all common ebook formats and is compatible with various ebook readers. It also complies with features like ISBN numbers. Up to the creation and download of ebooks the service is free, using the service to distribute and sell ebooks online requires a premium account. To get further information visit ebookmakr.

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