Browser from Russia and Chat from China

The internet is becoming more international, which matches the header to the following introduction of two services and their background. It concerns the leading russian search engine Yandex meanwhile available in an english version and as well popular in countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Asia is an own hemisphere at all and just by language, strong in economy in wide areas and has an own infrastructure of internet services beside their popular home entertainment products. In short, there exist a couple of successful internet services expanding into international markets.

The search engine Yandex lately has introduced an own browser, the Yandex.Browser. Like the Google Chrome Browser it is based on the Chromium open source project and by this it represents itself in a modern way. Beside common features like search, translation and widgets it has some extraordinary features, anti virus protection and packing of data and websites to deliver a comfortable performance to people with a slow internet connection. For more read this article and visit Yandex.Browser.

From Asia and explicitely China is the chat application YY, which by its user base of 400 million is a real heavyweight. Similar to Yandex the local presence is of interest. This of course is China and beside an english version the service is available in a brasil version. The same is due to the features as there are well known features like chat and gaming, live video and some extraordinary features like karaoke and a hd voice broadcasting facility enabling to talk to an audience of up to one million people. Here again is an article and for further information visit YY.

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