Sharing Video the Pinterest Style

You probably heard about the rise of Pinterest, the board to share images of things you like. This style has become popular and so there exist other pages serving particular needs like sworly does for music. Now clipclock has launched enabling to share videos on its surfboard.

At its homepage clipclock is displaying thumbnails of videos. Clicking on a thumbnail leads to a particular site with a more moderate size and a player and thumbnails displayed aside. Furthermore the service may be navigated in a comfortable way by genres, which in the case of films or music videos leads to a pinboard of just about that. Additionally and to look for a particular topic a search engine is available.

The service supports Vimeo and YouTube and by just entering the address of a video at a form at the top will submit the video to the service. What is not very convenient is the necessity to be logged in to Facebook to start the video player, but this is a must at all to be able to share. For more visit clipclock.

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