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A lot is going on regarding user generated content and contemplating the popularity of social networking one may even suppose there is more user generated content consumed today than other media, which needs to be approved. There even are a lot of business opportunities and regarding photography this concerns Stock Photography. But typically such services do ask for either photos of top events or images of high quality opposed to statements of new aesthetics as a result of online media. The latter and maybe in combination with improved image quality may have led to the following service.

This is Pictorama, a new service solely dedicated to „Smartphone Pictures“ and in particular a marketplace to buy and sell photos created with smartphone cams. And just a look at the website already illustrates the statement above as there are great photos being in some way very realistic and rather done by occasions than being staged. And for sure there are creative people experimenting with smartphone cams to get particular effects out of it. By this the launch seems to be a logic step to create a marketplace to a new kind of photography. At all and by presenting a real and own license model the service is serious.

Such services even might become a trend and at least one similar service has been launched lately. It is paya, a marketplace as well but with a different approach. The service enables participants to connect to their social media accounts and to sell stuff hosted within channels via the paya site. Whereas paya does not explicitly demands media created in a special way and by this may be an additional channel to sell professionally produced stuff as well, it does connect to sites typically hosting user generated content.

Further information about the particular functions and business opportunities of the both services are available at the websites of Pictorama and paya.

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