Realtime Photo Sharing and Social Search Engine

Just after the lately introduced social search engine here comes a further article about some realtime services, again a social search engine and two realtime photo services.

At first there is bottlenose, a social search engine making a very good impression and this even in its beta phase. And realtime results are ensured as a self published article has been found immediately. After submitting a search query the full functionality of bottlenose appears, which reminds of early social media monitoring and research services becoming premium services later on. At the results pages one is able to assort the results by media like documents or photo and video and by a click the socialsphere becomes visible. Beside other tools like global trends the service provides a personal area even providing an interface to create posts.

Realtime and photos are the functions of bottlenose leading to the following realtime photo services skylines and This is now, which are indexing photos in realtime. But the intentions are different. This is now in some way is a kind of art installation based on photos shared on instagram giving realtime portraits of geo locations and cities. skylines is some kind of a realtime search engine again using various photo sharing services to provide results. Another main feature is to provide widgets to be integrated in websites and enabling to display up to date photos on particular topics.

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