Online Video Editor to create Interactive Video Stories

Here comes something amazing again, an online video editor out of the cloud to create interactive and multidimensional online video. The service is called FlixMaster and it enhances the already existing innovative forms of entertainment like social story telling and combines it with interactive video into one innovative format.

To fetch it by other words Flixmaster is a video editor with a non linear storyboard combining the interactivity of particular videos with multidimensional storytelling. This happens by something like a mindmap enabling to create various versions, disrupt these version or maybe fuse these versions again. From the view of professional filmmakers one may argue that this means multiple work, but here come the interactivity and new forms of entertainment at all in mind. FlixMaster is well designed to meet this abstract objection by offering a solution being able to produce dynamicly. There is no need to think about the work until its end, it rather may be an open and ongoing process. This process is supported by statistics to create successful successors of favored episodes with no need to think about an end.

These for sure are some interesting aspects, which may cause the service to describe itself to be the future of video. And thinking about something like a Wikipedia consisting of videos and being able to go through particular topics of interest seems to be a great argument beside fun and entertainment. But despite of being available by freemium this innovation has its price with a jump from the free version to some hundred dollars a month. The price of the enterprise version offering an api even is not mentioned but negotiable. For further information visit FlixMaster.

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