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There are a lot of live video services already on the web with the trend having started by webcam communities becoming live streaming and personal broadcasting services and in between there are video chat applications and portals. Here are two other new services having one thing in common, providing live video facilities and beside providing services to all connecting artists with fans.

At first there is spreecast, a video chat community with some extraordinary features. It is both a community to chat with each other and a service providing tools to create shows. Members are able to broadcast to others and doing so in a group. Such a group has tools to collaborate on the show and to edit and record videos together. Further tools like text chat is enabling broadcasters to engage with the viewers and to answer questions or the like as it happens in interviews.

Just like spreecast is mentioning it at its homepage encouraging artists to use the service to communicate with fans or friends so does manytoo. Whereas spreecast just announces the option to talk with fans and friends, manytoo is requesting people to state their intention of using the service by registering as an artist or standard user. And indeed manytoo is introducing some recorded shows with celebreties at its homepage.

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