News and Media Search by Tag Tracking

A real interesting and most convenient tool to search for up to date news and more is provided by Tags in Action. The service is a new kind of social search engine and enables to search for tags across various social networks, which by its meta search engine approach is easing the search for up to date news and media enormously. Additionally and beyond the meta search engine approach the service provides universal search to search for different kind of media like news, photos, videos and more. Just a popular tag like #uptodate has to be submitted to access discussions and posts across various social media services.

The service is promising and still in beta with a less intuitative interface, which by its practical effect may be explained in short. A tag at the homepage has to be clicked, which demonstrates the service and leads to the search engine itself. Besides Tags in Action another search is available to search for Links in Action and by joining the service personalization is possible. For more visit Tags in Action.

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