Yahoo introduces own Browser

To describe Yahoo there are various options, simply by a search engine and top internet company or by being a dinosaur surviving the stormy internet history and as one of the first internet directories at all introducing new service at time like its popular messenger, video portals or services for developers. Today Yahoo is still one of the top search engines worldwide just following Google and Bing regarding the reach.

Currently Yahoo again has introduced a new service, the internet browser AXIS. The site describes the top features of the browser by being fast and having a smart search engine integrated offering instant search and previews, so by being equipped with a core competences of Yahoo. Most interesting to fans of Apple ist the ability to install the browser across devices and being able to start the search on one device and to proceed on another one. Interesting to all users again this happens by sites provided to users storing the search results and making these search results available again. To learn more view the video below and visit the AXIS homepage.

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