Social Media Aggregators for Web, Mobile and Job Search

There are a lot of social media aggregators on the market, some to create online presences, some enabling the central access to messages and some to manage the whole social networking. Here are two services with new functions.

dooid is a social media aggregator enabling to create profiles referring to social media accounts and other activities on the web. The service exists already for a while and has introduced new functions lately. Beside the various options to enrich the profile pages with lifestreams and video the multi channel functions are most convenient meaning that the profile pages are facilitated to become accessed from any devices, on the web, by smartphones and on tablet computers. The profile pages are personalizable and may include even qr codes or vcards. Here is an overview of the new functions provided by dooid.

New and for the particular purpose of job search is, an aggregator enabling to create resumes for the purpose of job applications. By this is serving the trend on social recruitment on the social web. To do so the service is equipped with two portals, one for job searchers and one for enterprises. To create profiles the service is using interfaces of social networks to create timelines especially designed for job search, which do include education, particulars skills and other relevant information like hobbies. For more visit

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