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A lot happens in the entertainment industry, the possibilities are endless and all is just a matter of concepts and realization. In this article exceptionally the talk is not about the internet but digital media beyond the online world, which nevertheless do depend on each other regarding interactivity and by relying on computers and networks.

The first project is an entertainment parc in Korea, which envisions the phrase about concepts and realization made above by its dimension and investment. The so called Live Park is described by the term 4d avatar theme park, which comprises a combination of virtual avatar worlds and cinetic applications tranforming the movements of people into movements of their personal avatars. The cinetic component is realized by Kinect, the same technology used by the Xbox game console. Visitors at first create an avatar and than move their avatar throughout the entertainment parc.

Another phenomenon made in Asia is Miku Hatsune, a virtual figure and singer. This figure becomes real without being a real person by a virtual reality projection. This virtual figure is filling real concerts with great success by selling out its events very fast. The texts of the music are created within communities making it a social media phenomenon at the same time. It is both fascinating like the entertainment parc mentioned above and a bizarre scenery by the fans hailing their virtual star.

A project similar to the Live Park in Korea exists in the swiss town Basel. The approach here is conversely by providing a helmet manipulating a real environment. By wearing the helmet people experience a psychedelic landscape arosen from a common parc, where people are walking through in real. The transformation of the real landscape happens by an augmented reality toolkit provided by lifeClipper3.

Last but not least another kind of augmented reality application realized for a photo exhibition, the Project Paperclip. This project is a real photo exhibition by the photographer Nuno Serrão. The photo exhibition is enriched by an audio application automaticly generating synthetic landscapes varying by the location of a listener and influenced by other environmental factors like the number of people in a room and the noise of these people. The idea beside the phenomenon of the installation is to keep the attention of people and to create a mood independently of the individual association of the viewers.

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