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Social search engines not long time ago have been a great talk and every week or month a new search engine equipped with social media functions had started. At the beginning there were search engines enabling social bookmarks, then came ratings and recommendations and various combinations with well known search engine technologies. After the startup boom followed the integration of social media functions at the big search engines and Facebook and Twitter came in and it became more quite. Now a new social search engine startup has been launched aiming to improve the search engine experience.

Volunia is the name of this new social search engine coming from Italy. Up to now there is not much to see as the service is still in beta, but the serive is inviting aiming to launch with millions of users. According to the article below a main feature will be some kind of visualization to improve navigation. Further main features are communications and personalization of course. Concerning the technology one needs to wait what will come up, but the hint the Google founders have get some inspirations by the scientific work of at least one of the developers lets expect something.

Here is the link to the Volunia homepage to register and participate, the current public area is here. Below is the mentioned article and a video introduction to Volunia.

Is Volunia Italy’s answer to Google — or just hot air?

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