Video Recorder for Online Video

PlayLater is an innovative application to record online video streams, a digital video recorder software to record online video.

The application is created by PlayOn already known for its software to make internet video accessible on various devices like tv sets or game consoles. So to PlayOn it is an enhancement to its own application, but it is interesting at all as there are already a couple of software applications and even online services available to record tv streams on the internet. But beside recording webcams and the recording features of live streaming portals there is no software known to record online video. This makes this application a real innovation to the online video world, which up to know works with a couple of online video services.

Such applications probably will become important as online video is still evolving and new online video formats will come up. A precondition to such services are online video standards enabling to gather the needed information to create applications like the already existing program guides for internet tv. To whom the technological background is interesting the article Semantic Technology’s Role in Leanback TV is recommended. For more about the new dvr software to record online video visit PlayLater.

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