Social Networking by Themes

Most social networks do focus on persons and their communication, but with a trend toward more theme related communications already. Twitter even includes the opportunity to follow particular themes by monitoring hashtags and Facebook just now integrates new functions enabling to follow updates without being a friend with someone. And a couple of lately launched social networks take content into the center of communications.

So does the just launched social network Ayloo, which prioritizes conversations about themes and enables to follow particular themes by streams. The topics may become discussed within groups and followed by so called Community Streams or be independently to groups and may become subscribed to by so called Independent Streams. To find a topic a search engine is available additionally assorting streams by actuality or popularity. Interestingly the communications itself is focussing on the themes by being able to put posts into the streams about particular topics and at second having the choice to put a post into the personal stream associated with a profile, which is the opposite to the way communications happens at most other social networks. For further information and an interview with a founder read the article Social network Ayloo is all about the conversation.

Another article by The Next Web reports about the microblogging service Subjot. Like Ayloo the service enables to follow topics and to post or provide information about particular themes: Subjot: A Twitter alternative that lets you curate content.

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