Augmented Reality Browser with Scan Function

The augmented reality company metaio has released version 3.0 of its junaio browser. The junaio browser may be installed on smartphones and enables to receive information of surrounding objects of the real world by a mobile phone cam.

The up to date version of the browser enables to get information of any real world objects, if the information is available within a database of its own or a partner. To do so something like a general scan function is included making it feasible to get information by scanning an object and furthermore qr or barcodes, which makes it a universal information tool. Regarding images of objects modern image recognition software is used enabling to get information about nearly any object. This technology enables fascinating options and makes a smartphone something like a futuristic information device.

For further articles about augmented reality visit the related tags at the eMedia and eMarketing blogs. For further information about the up to date release of the junaio browser read the press release below and watch the video.

„Scan the World“ with the new junaio 3.0 Augmented Reality Browser

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