New Live Video Streaming Service launched

The new live video streaming service enables everyone to broadcast live using a digital cam or mobile phone. Participants are able to create own channels and launch a live stream immediately. Furthermore the service has complete social networking functions to connect with others within the service and to connect with other social networks and especially Facebook, which means being able to stream live on Facebook. In the same way joining the service is easy by either using a Facebook account or to join the service directly.

To start a live stream digital cams connected to a computer may be used or suitable mobile phones. To start a live stream or to record video the service supplies a webbased application, which means that no software has to be installed. Up to now live streaming by a mobile phone requires an iPhone with 3G or WiFi connection. All other smartphones may be used to record video and put a recorded show onto an account. Beside the social networking functions of the service also the channels are equipped with social networking features. Videos may become enhanced by interactivity and chat allows viewers and the broadcasting team to interact with each other. To find out more about the service read here about the functions and visit

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