Meta Search Engine with Visual Results

Yometa is the name of a new meta search engine displaying results of the major search engines Bing, Google and Yahoo. These results are shown in a visualized form having intersections of the results and including the ranking at the particular search engine. Furthermore there seem to be results from other sources as not every result is displayed within the sections symbolizing the particular search engines.

The advantages of Yometa are clearly a real fast and well visualized overview of top sites at the three big search engines. Interestingly in this context is the statement under about, that within the top 100 search terms there is an overlap of 3 % only meaning of course having different results in 97 % of all search cases.

For further information about the meta search engine read the article Yometa combines Google, Yahoo and Bing for ‘visual search engine’ and visit the Yometa homepage.

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