YouTube starts Live Video Streaming

YouTube enriches the platform with live video streaming capabilities going beyond the occasional live streams organized by the platform itself. All starts with a special directory site located at, which lists occuring and upcoming live events.

The new function is in beta for now and will become available to YouTube Partners in the next weeks and months. According to the blog announcement up to now this will not become a general personal broadcasting service like or allowing all members to stream live. Nevertheless thinking about competing market participants is interesting by various aspects and not offering live streaming to all members might be caused in the large amount of YouTube users. Especially it would make sense comparing Facebook, which has become a popular video platform and which is capable to be used for live video streaming by a couple of apps provided. But YouTube is different and another aspect is the availability of the mentioned directory of live streams in combination with personalization, which leads to an alternate tv program filled with live events.

At all it will become a great experience offering a broad array of content probably with thousands of most different channels. To celebrate the new feature Google is organizing a live event today itself. Live from the Google headquarter the The DigiTour will be streamed, a roadshow of musicians who became stars on the video sharing platform. For further information about the new service read the official blog post below or visit YouTube Live.

YouTube is going LIVE

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