Earning Social Reputation by a Facebook App

Empire Avenue, which has been introduced at the emarketing blog as a personal analytics service, has launched a Facebook app to get the social game on the social network. The game is a mixture of a fantasy stock market, forecasting and social media analytics by measuring the influence of a user and an entertaining tutorial to help to improve the performance of a user on the social web.

Participants in the game are able to bet on other users and their performance to increase their wealth, which is expressed by fantasy stocks and a virtual currency. At the same time the game is a tutorial teaching the players how to increase their value on the social web. To do so the app may put up special tasks, which in the case of fulfillment will lead to a better performance of an user on the social web. The overall performance of a participant is expressed by its virtual value, which may be communicated to enterprises and which may be a starting point to participate in social commerce.

For further information about personal analytics access the post Authority and Influence Measuring and Building and for further information about Empire Avenue read the article below.

Buy And Sell Shares In Your Friends and Family in Empire Avenue for Facebook

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