Social Media Aggregator with additional Functions

memolane may be described in many ways, as a diary with timeline, online application to collaborate or by social media aggregator able to capture various online activities. The latter seems to be most appropriate as most people have documents like photos and videos online today, which makes memolane a social media aggregator with enhanced functions like it has been found as a trend in the Internet Marketing Review March.

The service has comprehensive features comprising social media aggregation of various services including individual blogs or feeds, facilities to add notes and to collaborate on the creation of more comprehensive stories with others as well as to assort media on timelines. Furthermore the service is a social network itself enabling to find and add friends and to share media. Last but not least the service is equipped with a search application to find documents and media. Futher information about all features including videos on particular issues is provided at what is memolane. Below is an introductory video and another review is available by Mashable. For more visit memolane.

Memolane – Your time machine for the web from Memolane on Vimeo.

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