Audio Blogging by Phone Casting

ipadio is calling itself a phone casting service, which includes a lot of possibilities from audio blogging to the use for business purposes.

The basis of all is the use of mobile phones to create message by voice, which will become available within an audio blog at the ipadio website. Providing an audio format, which by the way may even be handled by typing a message, the service is a mobile podcasting service at the same time. The fast realization by using mobile phones reminds on personal broadcasting, but without being live, or microblogging. From other phonecasting services like Cinch the service distinguishes itself by a broad range of possibilities including to be used in journalism and to organize open channels, which do enable whole groups to publish audio posts with reporting from events being a named example.

At all ipadio has to be described by being an advanced audio blogging service, too, equipped with social networking facilities to share the audio messages across various social networks or even on blogs. For more visit ipadio.

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