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The web world has discovered photos as a basis to be edited to become redesigned or art work. Within a short span of time Glamya and PixelTalents have been launched. Both do offer photo services and are open to designers and artists by being a marketplace in some way.

Glamya is offering typical photo editing services to everyone, who like to have an improved photo of themselves. The service offers professional photo retouch like it is common practice in the world of models and stars. For just a couple of dollars customers get various drafts made regarding their own ideas. Designers find further information by jobs at the Glamya homepage.

The theme of PixelTalents is art work based on uploaded photos, which may have the look of various styles like pop art or paintings. The art work is done by real artists and uses the faces, which may become integrated into different backgrounds and themes. The art work is delivered as a printing, on canvas, aluminium or glass. PixelTalents is a real marketplace, where artists may represents themselves with their style and examples. To get further information visit PixelTalents.

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