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realeyz is an online film and video on demand portal showing movies and documentaries with some films even being premieres. The site is equipped with up to date features and offers a broad array of possibilities by being a social network with blogging facilities for film lovers at the same time. Most interesting and innovative is a video show room application with chat, which enables synchronous watching together with others and chatting while watching. Who buys a film is able to invite friends to watch together with films being paid only one time and friends being able to watch for free. Too, current shows are announced at the homepage, which members may join for free. For more visit the realeyz homepage.

Another interesting video show room applications is offered by Invideous. This application consists of a browser plugin working with almost any flash video player. The plugin connects to a social network operated by Invideous. By this connection users watching the same film are able to connect with each other. Too, friends may be invited to watch a video on the web together. Communications during a session either happens by an proprietary instant messaging system or by integration of Facebook and Twitter. Too, the show room feature as well as other video solutions are available as business solutions. To get further information about the plugin or other services visit Invideous.

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