A decentral Social Network

The project Diaspora aims to create a decentral social network with users having control over their own data. This network would work by a software to be installed on a computer which is described by the term private server. By this the data will be at the hand of users instead of being stored at the provider of a social networking service.

The idea has various interesting aspects. At first there is no such application for social networking on the market and secondly such an application would be a solution to the most controversially discussed privacy issues. The project has already become popular, but is still in an early stage of development. By this there are some unclear issues like how all the opportunities to connect to others will become realized. But this does not need to be a problem compared to the success of other open source projects already at the market.

To realize the project financing is needed with a request posted at the crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter. To get further information about the project as well as about a possible engagement visit the Diaspora project homepage at Kickstarter.

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