Live Streaming of Events

People Zapping is a live streaming service specialized in events. At the same time it is a social network connecting people in general and let them chat and communicate while watching.

The concept at its best might be described by semi professional. This is because on one side it lets everyone stream an event and on the other side it is what it is, about events. The facilities for people to communicate differs a bit from other live streaming services especially those specialized in events. Members of People Zapping are always able to communicate and related to an event even to communicate and meet online before an event happens. This might enable them to arrange a date and visit an event together. Too, some events are online before these start giving some backstage views, which might show exercising musicians or the like. Furthermore it is a full featured social network made to become acquainted with others and to meet friends during or external to live events.

The organization of an event happens by creating a place at People Zapping, which is similar to a profile containing event information. At second the creation of live streams happen, which is described by the link Broadcast Live Stream at the homepage. Further functions are widgets enabling to put the live stream of an event on other social networks including Facebook and MySpace. The service for now is completely free, later on both free and premium services will be offered.

By the way live streaming services are becoming mainstream. If you are interested in this point of view, you may read an up to date article at the marketing blog: Live Streaming goes Mainstream.

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