Get personalized Information with Meehive

Meehive is the name of this new nifty information tool. The service is describing itself by the unusual term personalized newspaper. Whereas I would prefer news or information discovery tool, it is how it looks like and how it works.

The service searches thousands of news sources and millions of blogs to find the information about personalized topics. Beside news articles the service searches for videos, which the app is able to display within the account.

Personalization is most comfortable and intuitive by a broad range of provided forms to define topics to let the app search for news, which are updated daily. To find further news throughout the day a search engine and information discovery tools are integrated. Last but not least there are sharing and social networking functions to communicate with friends and to become acquainted with people sharing the same interests.

Meehive is a new service by Kosmix, a social search engine and information discovery tool, that has already been reviewed on this blog.

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