Mobile Assistant with Artificial Intelligence

While preparing the update of the directory for next month, which in part will be about the mobile internet, I came across a most interesting mobile application. It is a VPA, a Virtual Personal Assistant, which seems to be a fixed term describing an innovative technology. Whereas it is still in a closed stage offering preregistration for further information, it is worth to be mentioned.

The app is called Siri. It uses artificial intelligence to fulfill tasks. Examples of such tasks are calling a taxi, restaurant or flight reservations. This all is managed by a speech interface substituting a search. At the about page the company is philosophizing, that in a couple of years people will think about a VPA as being irreplaceable like people today are thinking about the internet.

The underlying technology is called CALO, which means „Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes“. Further information about the technology is available at the CALO Project homepage and by the description of the Siri Technology located at the Siri homepage.

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