Mobile Augmented Reality goes Mainstream

Augmented reality, additional information displayed within video and live video, is becoming mainstream and it seems that this happens fast. Two mobile ar browsers have been launched lately, which are introduced in this post. If you are not aware about the ar technology, a wikipedia article about Augmented Reality is a recommendable read. At the emarketing blog two former articles on ar are available.

The two browsers are Layar and Wikitude. Both are mobile browsers and do enable to receive additional information about objects like buildings or memorials while focalising these objects with a phone camera. Opposite to the similar functions the projects have completely different approaches.

Layar started with information services within the country of origin, the Netherlands. But it has already expanded within just two month after the launch internationally. Layar delivers editorial information, which is part of the business model.

The information supplied by Wikitude is based on social contributions by a wiki system, which lets everyone participate. There is a special community to contribute information, which is hosted by Mobeedo, a mobile content project. This community is either accessible by the Wikitude homepage or directly by the following but uneasy internet address:

The future of mobile augmented reality services is most promising. One may even think about a new advertising models, but for now primarily it is a new technology with high potentials and no limits to the information supplied. Exemplarily a combination of automated image recognition, image search engines and image databases may be used to immediately deliver information about any plant in wilderness. Or one may think about maps combined with ar applications. Last but not least and whereas similar things do already happen at the internet it is a fascinating thought that people all over the world do contribute to such a project.

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