YouTube boosts News Activities

The internet video portal YouTube is strengthening its activities in the field of news by cooperations with established news providers and by the launch of a new citizen journalism channel.

The News and Politics channel of YouTube is an integrated part of the service. This channel will be restructered by a stronger cooperation of Google News for Publishers with Youtube (Google is owner of YouTube). Furthermore Google is looking for further partnerships with established publishers as announced in an official blog post.

A Call to News Publishers: How to Share Your Video

New is another seperate YouTube channel dedicated to citizen journalism, the reporting by citizens, which enables the posting of news at a popular place. Citizen journalism is a promising trend, in which even established publishers do participate by seeking for interesting content. This kind of content often is unique and only possible by the omnipresence of mobile phone and internet users. This new channel is called The YouTube Reporters‘ Center. In the following is the blog post about the launch of this service.

Media and citizens meet in the YouTube Reporters‘ Center

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