Video Bookmarking with On Demand and Mobile Video

The video service combines a couple of innovative and useful functions to view internet video. It is a bookmarking tool, online video storage and video converter at the same time. By a browser plugin one may easily bookmark and store online video to the service to be viewed later. When the videos become dowloaded, the service detects the device and converts the videos automaticly into the appropriate format. Viewing may at equipped tv sets, mobile phones and of course at the web. Too, there is a video sharing function integrated.

Viewing of videos works similar to receiving a video podcast. The videos are arranged within a feed. The system automaticly detects the devices and delivers the appropriate format. For some popular devices like the iPhone additionally there are particular interfaces available. Further information about are available at the faq of the service.

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  1. although the bookmarklet works quite well, I just wish there was a plugin for ubuntu…
    for the rest, I’m a happy user.

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