Live Mobile Broadcasting and Webcasting Service

Bambuser is a further provider of a Personal Broadcasting service. The application enables live streams from digital cams, webcams and equipped smartphones. At the site there are several ways to find streams. This may happen by a search engine and a geographically assorted directory. The transmission of live streams from a mobile phone is possible within GSM Networks and by Wifi. If there is only a slow connection available, the streaming quality may become adjusted by varying the size of the video image. Further features are sharing of archived videos and a chat function within the video player.

The service is free to private users. Downloads of the application may happen by QR Code or by the mobile website. At the mobile website ( there are up to date videos listed, too. But according to the FAQ this function is not feasible but planned. While visiting the site it was not possible to view the videos, but this might be a hardware and software problem and worth a try.

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