Meta Live Streaming Service

Live streaming is popular and literally everywhere on many platforms. This concerns even particular and most popular topics like gaming. This arises the question how to serve these various platforms including such popular destinations like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and original live streaming services like Livestream or UStream?

The meta live streaming service might be your solution. The service enables to serve 30+ directly connected platforms. Furthermore one may stream to other platforms by using a Custom RTMP.

Furthermore provides a solution to interact with viewers by one single chat application. The Restream Chat Application shows all chats within one window. The app even has an integrated chat bot to easily answer standard questions by itself.

Pricing is very friendly. There are a free and two premiums versions starting at just US$ 5.59 for the basic version. The various schemes differ by the service level. To learn more about how to use the service read the FAQ and visit the homepage of

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